Making bill payments, doing recharges or paying a friend to give a gift card, Google Pay is making our lives easier. They made it simple to send or receive money with anyone, anywhere from your family or to the neighbourhood chaiwala. Now with the launch of WOOHOO Gift Card Store on the Google Pay SPOT section, they are making Gifting simple.


It’s time to celebrate the women of substance with the drapes of elegance. Gift them their perfect match and watch them glow. You can never go wrong when you give them what they’ll love: a gift card from Rangoli Saree, powered by Qwikcilver and let them bag a beautiful saree from a stunning selection of traditional sarees.

Blue Tokai Gift card

Blue tokai gift card

f you know someone finicky who fails to function until they’ve had their first fine cup of freshly brewed Arabic black, then you’re probably friends with a coffee connoisseur. We know that finding a gift for your best bean-loving buddy has its own obstacles, what if they are more of a pour-over person? What if they like to grind their own beans? What if their go-to cafe order is something so complicated, that it’s a tongue-twister for you?
Don’t fret; we got you covered with a gift that lets them explore different coffees in a way that is unique to their likings, all thanks to Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters Gift cards!