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Qwikcilver Whitepaper 2021 – The Digital Age

As the pioneers and market leaders of the Gift Card Industry in India, we release the annual Qwikcilver Gift Card Whitepaper capturing the latest trends and insights from the Gift card industry and beyond. This year, we are pleased to release the 6th edition of the same with the theme of “Gift Cards and Beyond - The Digital Age”.
To say the pandemic impacted us – as in, we the world – would be a massive understatement, and the jury is still out on the actual extent of the impact it had on us and life as we knew it – and whether some of those are long-ranging and irreversible. But what we do know is that it challenged and shook the foundations of some of our beliefs and brought into perspective some of the things we knew all along, but had chosen not to pay heed to.
As markets and economies the world over took a hit and experienced lows rarely seen before, and the global economy shrunk by 4.4% (as per IMF estimates for 2020, which the organisation went on to describe as the worst decline since the Great Depression of the 1930s), and yet, there has never been a better time when the human enterprise, resilience and spirit shone through – be it the way crisis-hit restaurant chains adopted innovative delivery-led models, brick and mortar retailers’ rapidly shifted towards e-commerce, countries attempted to rebuild tourism, B2B companies quickly discovered and adapted to online sales, and businesses worldwide suddenly became open to a work-from-anywhere model and ensured business – and life – goes on. The Whitepaper will not only give you a unique perspective on the gift card industry and its adaptation to the digital world but will also answer the question of the changing face of consumers and business in the pandemic.
Here’s a sneak peek into what you can learn from the whitepaper.
Impact of pandemic on the business and consumers which led to digital adaptation. The rise in social commerce and large-scale acceleration of digital transformation across industries.
Innovation during the times of disruption and gearing up for the future. A few interesting examples of how some of our brand partners have discovered newer ways of serving customers during the testing times that they went through.
Retail Distribution Channel – the proverbial last mile in the consumer adoption story when it comes to the overall gift card distribution space.
The consumer expectation in the travel industry and key to inspire traveler confidence.
To get detailed insights on the pandemic impact on business and consumers, large-scale digitalization, Qwikcilver and Amadeus collaboration, download our Whitepaper by filling in the form below.

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