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Qwikcilver Whitepaper 2020 – Gift Cards and Beyond

As the pioneers and market leaders of the Gift Card Industry in India, we release the annual Qwikcilver Gift Card Whitepaper capturing the latest trends and insights from the Gift card industry and beyond. This year, we are pleased to release the 5th edition of the same with the theme of “Gift Cards and Beyond- Digitizing Consumer Convenience”.
Over the past few years, we have been releasing the Whitepaper during our annual Gift Card Conclave, a one-of-its-kind conference where thought leaders, brand custodians and experts from the world’s fastest growing consumer and retail brands come together to discuss insights, technological innovations and trends that drive the gift card industry. The conclave which takes place in April every year has been postponed due to the Covid-19 situation, but keeping in mind the importance and relevance of the whitepaper to our existing partners and clients and all other businesses looking to explore the gift card category, we have gone ahead and published the Whitepaper. While businesses and retailers have taken a hard hit during this crisis, the consumer behavior is set to change massively. Those who can address the changing needs of the consumers will come out of the crisis stronger than ever.
This Category-defining Whitepaper will make an interesting read for anyone who wants to get a better understanding of how consumer preferences are changing, especially when it comes to convenience which is of critical importance at this time. Consumers are now seeking convenience right from finding ideas and inspiration to making purchases, managing returns and advocating for the brand. The Whitepaper will not only give you a unique perspective on the gift card industry and beyond but will also answer the question of how businesses can add convenience through technology across all aspects of the customer journey.
Here’s a sneak peek into what you can learn from the whitepaper.
Where is the consumer’s need for convenience leading us? Businesses and retailers are becoming more and more digitally forward in a bid to anticipate and cater to the individual consumers’ evolving desires and expectations.
How has the gifting landscape evolved amid all these changes? With continuous innovations, Gift Cards today have unquestionably moved to the mainstream. With the promise of enhanced flexibility and convenience like never before, e-gift cards have come a long way and now contribute a whopping 96% in terms of value in the gift card segment. But that’s not all, digitizing consumer experience has reached beyond gift cards. Businesses are increasingly digitizing their entire sales refunds, store credits and credit notes issuance process, in an attempt to provide a completely user-friendly, digital experience to consumers.
So, what does the future hold? Needless to say, we are looking at some very interesting times ahead. From ‘channel-less commerce’ to the adoption of ‘New Retail’, businesses and emerging technologies are striving to make shopping and consumer experiences more and more seamless, convenient and personalised.
To get detailed insights on the changing consumer behavior, the role of technology and how it impacts the gift card industry, download our Whitepaper by filling in the form below.

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