Qwikcilver Annual Whitepaper, 2019

The Retail Industry alongside Hospitality, Airlines, Healthcare, and Consumer Goods has been a constant driver of growth in the Gifting industry. This Qwikcilver Annual Whitepaper seeks to bring you some insights, specifically in the markets that Qwikcilver Solutions operates in.

As always, the Consumer remains King! Myriad choices, cash-backs and other kinds of incentives ensure that the brave new world of Digital and Deal Distraction goes on and on and on...

There are tumultuous changes now, even during the traditional periods where retailers could gain from a 'full-priced sale', with all sorts of deals and price-offs being offered. Whether brick and mortar or e-commerce, the consumer have never ever had it so good.

The advent of convergence and omnichannel, channel-less commerce, AI, predictive recommendations and the opportunity to compare prices, give the consumer unlimited opportunities to check, research and finally click and buy or go to the store and get the product they want at the price they are willing to pay.

And this is not limited to mere high-street unbranded goods - it cuts right across all segments, irrespective of whether one is looking for a standard pair of shoes, or a high-end handbag or watch!

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