Woohoo.in rides the social media wave with Facebook-based gift vouchers

With Woohoo Friends Club, users can gift vouchers of various brands that are available with Woohoo.in on Facebook. While the realm of social media expands, marketing on the various social platforms is getting innovative as well. Brands engaging with consumers on social media is old news; what is not is the new ideas that are being thought of to keep the consumers interested. Woohoo.in, an online destination for gift vouchers (or gift cards) of various brands, for instance, is riding the wave, taking its services to the Facebook platform. The portal has launched a new initiative called the ‘Woohoo Friends’ Club’ that allows Facebook users to send gift cards of a wide range of merchants and brands, electronic or physical, to their friends on the social networking platform. The gifting platform, called SoLoMap (Social to Local Marketing Platform) is the first of its kind to be launched in the Asia Pacific region, claims the company.