Retailers normally receive large volume of corporate gift card orders. For popular retailers, the corporate gift card orders can contribute up to 60% to 70% of total gift card orders. Processing this large volume of gift card orders can overwhelm retailer fulfillment teams.

Make a Reward feel like much more!

A business or organization is not just made up of any single entity but it’s truly a coming together of multiple entities who make your brand thrive. Be it the employees who build what you sell or your channel partners who sell what you build, your recognition of each and every one of them lays the foundation for your success.

Make your store do much more

It simply not easy to miss the sweeping Gift Card revolution taking place right before us. As a retailer it makes perfect business sense to make use of the opportunity in this rapidly growing category. Retailers like you can explore beyond your business and explore the monetization opportunities by launching a full-fledged multi brand Gift Card store

More Joy per Second

As a brand you have launched your own brand Gift Cards, have set up an online gift card store and have empowered your resellers and partners to sell your gift cards. And you must be wondering is there more to it – can I do more to proliferate my gift cards further? Proliferation is just one part – the bigger question is the integration to your existing systems. And what if all of this can be achieved with just one single product?

A Gift Card store that goes to your consumer

Be an online retailer or an offline retailer, setting up a gift card store online and integrating it with your existing POS and retail systems can be a daunting task to say the least. In such a scenario would it be wishful thinking if we were to suggest that there exists such a product that enable you to set up a white label gift card store online with cutting edge features?