Gifting BC and AC

Life as we know it has changed forever. At this moment, can you imagine going back to living life like we did back in 2019? Pushing to get inside a crowded metro, dancing in a jam-packed club like there’s no tomorrow or taking the kids to their favourite fast food joints without a worry in the world. Well, that was life in BC.

Recognizing is strategic. Rewarding is operational.

For years the corporate has uttered the phrase ‘rewards and recognition,’ (or, R&R) in the same breath. But recognizing an employee for her work is, organizationally speaking, very different from delivering that recognition as a tangible benefit.

Achieving limitless growth through Boundaryless Retail

Say you sell two variants of a product, at two different price points. The variants are from two different brands, A and B. Both are similar, except for the choice of colours. The choice of colours available at Brand A is different from, but also compliments, that of Brand B. A shopper walks in. He is seen moving along the aisles that contain both the brands.

Customers don’t need reasons to shop. They need excuses.

Shopping is a habit, as basic as the need to bathe. But offer your customers cold shower, and they will stay away from the water, forever. On the other hand, hit them with vapours of personalized promotions and they will flock your store.