Top 5 ways to increase employee motivation using Rewards in 2022

Employee Motivation using Gift Cards as Rewards

2021 presents to us a whole different way of an employee, employer, and workspace relationship. Working from home is the new normal, and distances between colleagues is becoming greater than ever. As the HR team in your organization, 2021 throws up new challenges in terms of employee connect and motivation. Are your Corporate Reward programs geared up to handle the challenge?

How to grow your business through corporate rewards

Corporate rewarding is a tricky thing. You are not so much rewarding an individual as you are a group; one that displays similar attributes, preferences, and expectations as a rewardee. A company must address three such groups if it wants to improve stakeholder engagement.

Motivating Employees working from Home

The COVID-19 situation has put restrictions on travel and forced a large part of the working population to work remotely. Practicing self-isolation is currently the best way to prevent the spread of the contagious disease and organizations have quickly equipped themselves to continue business as usual by adopting work from home practices.

Recognizing is strategic. Rewarding is operational.

For years the corporate has uttered the phrase ‘rewards and recognition,’ (or, R&R) in the same breath. But recognizing an employee for her work is, organizationally speaking, very different from delivering that recognition as a tangible benefit.