June 2022


Joysome June

Qwikcilver June 2022 Newsletter
At Qwikcilver, when it rains, it pours! It’s pouring launches this June! Qwikcilver has much in store for those who love fun, adventure and all the more ease while gifting. A big fat launch extravaganza for all those who love big fun offers and a grand gifting experience! It just gets bigger, better, and brighter with many more exciting cards stacked up to make your gifting experience diverse, different, and distinct. New product for bringing all gifting currencies under a single point access is the cherry on the cake!

New Launches

AND Gift Card Program

AND gift card This is for the modern woman who loves Western fashion and is unapologetic about it. The AND gift card program is a perfect gifting solution for the chic sophisticated woman who loves to sashay in style as well as to bring in more of such women to discover the brand. Here again, the offline and online billing systems are perfectly integrated to make gifting easy, quick, and hassle-free. And there are digital cards in addition to paper cards to make sure we cut less trees in the process. Woohoo and Qwikcilver distribution channels will soon have these cards. QwikBit about the brand Founded in 1995, AND stemmed from the realization that the modern Indian woman didn’t have too many contemporary silhouettes to choose from. AND & Global Desi is part of Ochre & Black Pvt Ltd. Bridging this gap ever since, today AND has garnered the recognition of a brand that makes global styles for the contemporary woman, understanding the sensibilities of fashion, comfort, quality, and style effortlessly.

Global Desi Gift Card Program

Global desi gift card For the pretty women in your life or if you are one of those yourself, this would feel home. Besides, for a brand what can be the easiest and hottest branding tool after word-of-mouth publicity than a gift card that brings together people and brings new people to the brand in a cool, innovative way? It is to both the givers and receivers delight, and the receiver gets attached to the brand, so does the giver. The offline and online billing systems are perfectly integrated for an easy breezy experience. We don’t like to cut trees either, so we do have digital variants right next to the paper cards, and in no time our digital cards will be up and running and Woohoo and Qwikcilver distribution channels. QwikBit about the brand Curated specially for the women who use fashion as a tool to express their individuality, Global Desi seamlessly fuses two distinct worlds. A coveted fashion name founded in 2007, today the brand is synonymous with a free-spirited, creative, open-minded, and avant-garde attitude. Global Desi is currently available at 117 exclusive brand outlets and 272 multi-brand stores across the country.

SLAY Coffee Gift Card Program

slay coffee gitf card As it pours outside, for those who like to curl up indoors on your cushy cushions with luscious coffee, have coffee dates or meetings or evenings or sip cold or hot coffee or simply have coffee outside the cafe, this card is a perfect gifting option. SLAY Coffee gift card program is one that helps receivers discover, explore, and taste the coffee brand themselves at ease, while feeling the joy of being gifted. No need to worry about spilling coffee while gifting coffee:) As always, with gift cards, you slay all the way! We have for you the SLAY Coffee gift card with integrated solution, with the physical variant across retail formats. For this self-use and/or subscription card program, we have leveraged our channel partner integration with POSIST. These lovely coffee cards can be bought and redeemed in-store. Soon, they’ll be up on the Qwikcilver distribution network too. QwikBit about the brand Pioneers of handcrafted gourmet coffee experience, in 160+ locations in 25+ cities across India. SLAY Coffee is the 2nd largest online coffee chain in the coffee delivery category and is the highest rated on food delivery platforms like Swiggy, Zomato and Eatsure.

Product of the Month


Qwikwallet product A single-point access for all your brand currencies, QwikWallet is meant to unlock your brand’s full potential. Brands have customers that use various currencies such as prepaid stored value accounts, promo cards and offers, cashback, refunds, gift cards and more. Managing all this together is neither easy nor fun for corporate teams nor for customers themselves. What does it mean for customers? It means multiple redemption processes, maintenance of different currencies, tracking card validity and not clubbing currencies. For business teams, it translates to lack of customer engagement, difficulty in capturing customer information, operational overheads and hurdles, wastage of unused and expired cards. A tough nut to crack, isn’t it? That’s where we come in to ease the process, make it simple, steady and speedy.
QwikWallet helps brands implement merchant wallets for end customers and distribute Gift cards/promotions/refunds through a single point access. Unified wallets can help business teams to push customized promotions that engage customers and provide a seamless checkout experience across store fronts. This helps clubbing currencies and defining order of redemption. This enables merchant wallets for end customers. Aggregates all your currencies to ensure higher redemption and faster checkout, while providing unlimited number or type of cards that can be added, thereby providing a unified and convenient shopping experience for the customer.

Woohoo News

For Woohoo June is synonymous with joy and so we have rolled out so much to be joyful about!

Gift Card Campaigns

luxe mothers day We made Mothers’ Day all the more merrier with our fun gift cards and now it’s time to think of more such gift card campaigns for every joyous occasion. To bring our brands closer home, there is no easier way than these sentimental gift cards that every person can gift their lovely people.

Time-to-Travel Sale

With summer coming to a close, and so many people itching to pack their bags and fly off it’s a shame not to think of launching gift cards. What better way than a travel gift card is the best way to lure people into flying more?

Myntra Special Discount Code

Gift cards themselves are a cool way to make people bring their lovely people to our lovely brands and a special discount on top would be like adding a lot more love and lure to get folks closer to brands they admire. Just like our special discount code on Myntra.

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