Qwikcilver April 2023 Newsletter
Qwikcilver is flying high this month. This is not just due to the fact that we have a new addition to our growing airline portfolio but also scaling new heights in innovations and integrations. The integration of Asset Manager for Airlines with a well loved Airline brand in Europe demonstrates how airlines are thinking ahead of the curve. Also embarking on a new journey with the launch of Qwikcilver’s first co-branded UPI on Pre-Paid Instrument program which is game changer as you will read below. And we are doing all this while regularly rolling out large corporate reward programs with absolute ease. Read more about what we do below.

New Merchant Programs

SmartWings + Asset Manager

SmartWings + Asset Manager SmartWings, Czech Republic’s most prominent airline, has recently integrated with the innovative Asset Manager solution suite, aimed at enhancing customer experience and streamlining the refund and compensation process. This advanced platform is powered by Qwikcilver, a leading global end-to-end gift card and stored-value solutions provider. The collaboration between SmartWings, Amadeus and Qwikcilver demonstrates the airline's commitment to adopting cutting-edge technology in order to provide seamless and efficient solutions for its customers. One of the key features of the Asset Manager is the integration of a comprehensive refund solution that simplifies and expedites the process of claiming refunds for customers. By leveraging the capabilities of Qwikcilver's platform, SmartWings can now address and resolve refund requests in a timely and efficient manner. This, in turn, will not only enhance customer satisfaction but also help the airline maintain a positive reputation in the highly competitive aviation industry. Another noteworthy aspect of the Asset Manager is the introduction of the compensation voucher system. This feature enables the airline to offer instant compensation in the form of vouchers to customers who have experienced delays, cancellations, or other service-related issues. The compensation voucher system is designed to provide a hassle-free and convenient solution for customers, allowing them to redeem their vouchers for future flight bookings, upgrades, or other value-added services provided by SmartWings. By incorporating Qwikcilver's advanced technology, the airline aims to not only optimize its internal processes but also deliver an unparalleled customer experience. The refund solution and compensation voucher features are expected to significantly improve the overall satisfaction of SmartWings passengers, ensuring that their needs are met promptly and efficiently. Furthermore, the launch of the Asset Manager system highlights the airline's dedication to staying ahead of the curve by embracing the latest technological advancements in the pursuit of continuously improving its operations and services. Qwikbit about the brand SmartWings is a Czech scheduled services carrier based at Prague Václav Havel Airport. The carrier and its subsidiaries SmartWings Poland, SmartWings Slovakia and SmartWings Hungary focus on charter operations. SmartWings and its subsidiaries operate as part of the SmartWings Group and they are based at Brno Airport, Ostrava Airport, Karlovy Vary Airport and Pardubice Airport. Travel Service rebranded as SmartWings in Dec-2018. SmartWings operates a network of services within Europe and the Middle East.

Corporate Reward Programs

Rolling out Consumer Promotions

Consumer Promotions Program Qwikcilver is proud to announce its partnership with one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the industry, to launch their consumer promotion program. This exciting program is designed to offer instant gratification to its valued customers, encouraging them to experience the exceptional quality of client’s tyres. The promotion will be active for a period of 15 days. At the heart of this consumer promotions campaign is the unique digital reward system, carefully crafted to maximize customer satisfaction and boost brand loyalty. With every purchase of 2 Tyres, customers will be awarded an HPCL fuel voucher worth Rs. 500, allowing them to save on their fuel expenses and making the deal even more appealing. This high-value incentive not only adds an extra layer of excitement to the purchase experience but also has the potential to attract new customers, driving overall business growth for the client. By adopting the Qwikcilver platform, Apollo Tyres ensures a seamless and efficient digital reward redemption process for its customers. The platform's robust technology simplifies the distribution of the fuel vouchers, providing customers with an effortless and satisfying experience. Furthermore, the use of scratch cards adds an element of surprise and excitement to the consumer promotions, making the overall program more engaging and appealing to the customers.

Oodles of Rewards

FMCG Consumer Promotions Program Qwikcilver, is delighted to announce our partnership with one of the world's most prominent FMCG brands, to launch a highly engaging and rewarding consumer promotion program for the beloved Noodle brand. This innovative campaign is designed to drive customer engagement and loyalty, while offering exciting rewards to consumers, reaffirming the client's commitment to delivering value and memorable experiences for its customers. This unique collaboration between Qwikcilver and the client leverages cutting-edge technology and Qwikcilver's extensive expertise in executing large-scale promotional campaigns. Upon purchasing a packet of Noodles, users will find a special code printed on the pack. They can send this code to a designated number, and in return, they will receive assured MakeMyTrip travel vouchers worth Rs 600. This exciting offer not only provides an instant gratification to the consumers but also encourages them to participate in the promotional campaign and enjoy the benefits that come with it. In addition to the assured travel vouchers, the consumer promotion program also offers hourly and weekly prizes for lucky winners, who stand a chance to win vouchers worth Rs 10,000 and Rs 75,000, respectively. These lucrative rewards are designed to create a sense of excitement and anticipation among the consumers, motivating them to participate in the promotion and strengthen their bond with the Noodles brand. Furthermore, the seamless integration of Qwikcilver's robust technology platform ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for the consumers as they redeem their rewards in less than the 2 minutes it takes to prepare the noodles. This program is a testament to the dynamic and evolving landscape of consumer promotions in the FMCG industry. By harnessing the power of technology and leveraging Qwikcilver's vast experience in managing promotional campaigns, the client aims to foster a deeper connection with its customers while offering them unparalleled rewards and experiences.

Woohoo News

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