Microlending with Gift Cards

India has the 2nd highest number of Fintech Startups in the world and according to NASSCOM Indian fintech market will continue to grow potentially. Intelligent automation, artificial intelligence, and blockchain will drive innovation in the sector.
The current diversified Fintech market is extensively providing a careful solution-customer match and strong go-to-market strategy. The two broad segments where Fintech is most active in India are
  • Payments
  • Lending
Indian digital lending industry, which is expected to grow dramatically with a potential market size of USD 100 billion by 2023, according to a BCG report. Several of these fintech startups focus on providing loans to students or the younger working population. Earlier, the loan disbursement was either done through cash or transfer to payment wallets, but both options attracted a processing charge and interest, especially high in case of cash.

What if there is a digital currency that is easier to disburse and does not have any hidden charges or interest?

Enter Qwikcilver’s e-gift cards.
Find out about how integration with Qwikcilver helped the Fintech companies with instant user gratification, higher security and a massive reduction in manual processes.

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