Gift Card as Growth Builder for Cinema business

Cinema occupies a unique place in the service sector.
  1. It is product-driven (movies) but has relatively lower product differentiation.
  2. Customers have a lower affinity towards brands (multiplexes); choices are driven by proximity and price.
  3. Brands in this category invest heavily in creating unique user experiences.
  4. Brands must manage perishable inventory, such as cinema tickets, seats, etc. and look for newer ways to generate demand.
The category is plagued by its own set of challenges.
  1. Improve occupancy during non-peak time, e.g. weekdays
  2. Assure walk-ins
  3. Increase average bill value
  4. Increase spend on F&B for greater margins
  5. Strengthen brand equity
Why Gift Cards as preferred growth builders for Cinema category?
Gift cards are strategically built to help not only brands but also the end consumers. This e-book delves into the multitude of ways through which gift cards achieve this mission.

Here’s a small excerpt.

How Gift Cards help Brands

(A) Gift cards double-up as brand trailers. They create favourable brand equity among the audience and assure walk-ins.
(B) Gift cards are strategic omnibuses that can integrate previously discrete value creation activities at different customer touch points, such as the box office, online site, mobile app, F&B counters etc. into a unified brand experience.
  1. This allows businesses to package the entire brand experience for a higher premium.
  2. Businesses can then ‘productize’ their services into combo offerings and monetize them as ‘happy-hour deals’ during the working week.
  3. In addition, brands can customize a thematic experience for the fans of a celebrity, drive occupancy for a weakly performing movie, and so on.
(C) Gift cards are effective brand vehicles to engage customers. A well-designed gift card program can improve occupancy during non-peak time.
  1. Brands can tailor-make offers to drive expected customer behaviour, based on a specific mode of transaction, such as at the box office, through online ticket portal, via mobile app, at the F&B counter, to name a few.

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