Future Group + Qwikcilver gift card solutions = Skyrocketing sales.

Remaining relevant in a competitive shopperscape

One of India’s retail pioneers, Future Group wanted to chalk a comprehensive program to improve footfalls and drive sales. The company chose Qwikcilver’s proven and proprietary Gift Card processing suite of products. What follows is a chronicling of our path to success.

In-house worries

The company was using an in-house gift card processing platform. Under the set-up, the company was issuing booklets of gift vouchers in various denominations. These, upon purchases, will be manually processed at the billing counter.

There was an option to process them in bulk, but a single malfunction/error and the entire batch of vouchers will have to be processed again!

The art of smooth transition

The challenge before the team at Qwikcilver was to enable migration of business-sensitive information in the fastest possible time from the existing set-up, and aid in smooth transition, so that the legacy systems can be retired at minimal cost.

Track. Amplify. Optimize. Repeat.

The team then identified the mantra for overhauling the incumbent set-up.

Changing the Point of Sale into Point of Profit

This free case-study will help you understand how we enabled Future Group to streamline sales and achieve scale in gift card business.

This quote from Mr. Vinay Bhatia, CEO - Group Loyalty and Analytics, Future Group, on the uplift achieved through gift cards, stands testimony to the success of the program.

"We see a 2X, 3X, 4X jump in what he [customer] buys from us."

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