5 reasons why Gift card is better than Gift voucher?

A gift card is fundamentally different from a gift voucher. A gift voucher is a prepaid currency, one another medium of transaction. But a gift card carves a new revenue stream. It provides another reason for the shopper to buy.
And hidden in the arsenal of a gift card are five unique features that make them a better growth instrument than gift vouchers for every business owner in the retail and e-tail space.
The FAIL-SAFE MECHANISM of a gift card: A gift card guarantees the business owner a minimum breakage amount, thus saving them from bottom-line blushes.
The LONGEVITY of a gift card: A gift card lives longer compared to that of a gift voucher. It thus functions as an effective brand-hook for remembrance.
The IMMEDIACY of a gift card: A gift card is designed to work in sync with the existing business processes of retailers.
The VERSATILITY of a gift card: A gift card is more than a mere ‘gifting’ tool. It lends itself to multiple strategic functions.
The USABILITY of a gift card: A gift card is secure, convenient and user-friendly, owing to its form-agnostic nature.
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