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Top 5 ways to increase employee motivation using Rewards

1. Ensure that employees view the rewards as worth the effort

Employees who see the rewards as worth the effort will appreciate your effort and be more motivated to work hard to obtain them.

2. Make sure that employees understand how to earn the rewards

Managers should clearly define how employees can earn their rewards. When employees have a comprehensive understanding of what is expected of them, they will be more capable and focused in achieving performance standards.

3. Offer both financial rewards and non-monetary rewards

Reward systems that include a combination of monetary and non-monetary rewards have a wider appeal and a greater aspirational merits attached to them. A thoughtful non monetary gift will have a much stronger emotional pull.

4. Match the reward to the employee

Allow each employee to select their own reward or decide what rewards employees should receive under predefined circumstances. This will enhance their commitment to achieving the reward by engaging in the required behavior. Understanding the needs of employees is central to this process.

5. Provide rewards immediately after the employee achieves the desired behavior

The longer the delay in providing the reward after the employee’s achievement, the less of an impact it has shaping subsequent behavior. With Qwikcilver’s cost effective employee rewards solutions, you can bring about a radical change in your employee rewards process by instantly rewarding your best performing employees and giving them the ability to choose the best reward. For more details, please write to