Luxair : Asset Manager

Luxair and Qwikcilver collaboration
Qwikcilver onboards the European carrier Luxair, with Asset Manager Solution in collaboration with Amadeus.
Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to direct your attention to the exciting news we have to share. We are delighted to announce our successful launch the Asset Manager Solution powered by Qwikcilver for Luxair, a first for a European carrier.
Luxair has directly integrated with Qwikcilver’s APIs to support Compensation and Residual issuance along with QwikWebStore for distribution, QwikServ, to import EMDs, QwikPOS for back-office operations, and QwikCilver and Amadeus integrated solution for Redemption flows.
Qwikcilver collaborating with Amadeus is powering Luxair to maintain traveler trust, reignite the love of travel, and drive innovation in customer service. For this, Qwikcilver has received laurels and excellent recommendations from Luxair during a recent conference held by Amadeus with their partner Airlines. Here’s the Luxair success story for you to look through.
Qwikcilver’s strategic collaboration with Amadeus allows us to have a separate distribution platform hosted exclusively to cater to the Asset Manager Solution. With the help of Amadeus’ global reach, we now have a new extension parameters framework that supports large-scale integrations across industries. It is a first-of-a-kind GDPR instance. With this collaboration, we hope to bring our innovative solutions to a larger global audience.
Our Asset Manager Solution is a quintessential voucher-based solution built in collaboration with Amadeus, customizing Qwikcilver's processing and distribution solutions to integrate with Amadeus' ticketing system that caters to the Airline and Hospitality industry across the globe.
Qwik bit about the brand
Luxair is a key and responsible player as well as a significant employer in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the surrounding Greater Region. The company has been active for over 50 years in four aviation-related activities: passenger air transport, tour operating, airport services, and air freight handling.

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