Landmark, the book and music retail chain, has been ramping up significantly over the last few years.

Packaging all attributes of a successful card solution requires on-going and focused investment and research in the stored-value-card space.

Having maintained an undeterred focus on stored-value-card solutions and leveraging its continued research in this space, QwikCilver is well poised to enable our customers derive the maximum benefit out of their card programs.

As a complete eco-system traversing the physical, Internet, and mobile media, our solutions extend a strong competitive advantage to our customers.

  • A single-window for all stored-value-solution needs: loyalty, gift, prepaid with loyalty, discount, credit, and their variants
  • Ability to support running multiple card programs simultaneously
  • Extensible framework that can be customized to quickly meet changing requirements of customers and consumers
  • End-to-end solution delivery capability: Responsible and accountable for all aspects of the solution (directly or through value-chain partners.)
  • Superior server technology: Built bottoms-up for stored-value applications SaaS Model: Nil or minimal upfront investment. Solution entirely managed by QwikCilver
  • Integration: Built on Web-Services framework and designed for quick and clean integration with existing billing systems of customers
  • Multiple transaction-initiation options: Stand-alone clients, integrated billing systems, POS-EDC device, etc
  • Internet & Mobile Readiness: Support for full-functional, web-based solution
  • Flexible implementation & pricing models