Landmark, the book and music retail chain, has been ramping up significantly over the last few years.

Our stored value platform is a product honed with years of experience in building and deploying enterprise class products with an in-depth understanding of the domain and solution space.

Our product has been designed and built bottoms-up for stored value solutions, with flexibility to deliver different programs only through configuration being the key theme. Read more about the key features of our product.

Here are some key aspects of our product

Support for multiple card programs
  • Loyalty, Gift, Pre-paid, Pre-paid with loyalty, Credit, Discount, Mall, Group, Corporate
  • Support for multiple types of cards
  • Magnetic strip, bar-code, RFID
  • Support for multiple forms of cards
  • Physical, virtual, mobile vouchers, etc.
  • Single-point program-administration console
    Ability to auto-generate card numbers
    Ability to support third-party reselling and enforce limits
    Extensive data capture for loyalty interventions, reporting & analysis
    Consumer self-service portal, linked to customer website
    Rich set of canned real-time reports; integration to analysis engines
    Transaction initiation & capturing: POS application running on EDC devices and Windows
    Integration to billing systems, web-stores & mobile
    Support for SMS, IVR integration
    Personalization – including ability to customize receipt footers
    Multi-level security
  • Card Magic for encoding
  • User and role based access control
  • POS authentication
  • Intelligent approval codes
  • Audit logs
  • Velocity Checks
  • Transport security
  • Exception reports